We are now on iTunes! http://tinyurl.com/kh9zvlk


The movie comes out on video under the title BEAUTY AND THE LEAST on June 25, 2013. I will update on where to find it as that info becomes available. Thanks for your support…


Movie’s Reception

OK - so the movie came out in limited release. I thought I’d go over what the reactions were. First, the reviews:

In the Salt Lake Tribune the movie was thrashed! It was a strange review, it was basically a letter to me saying the movie sucks but I was good with the camera and Mischa’s performance was good. He encourages me to keep making movies. So that was weird… the movie’s just not for him! Here’s the review: http://tinyurl.com/bb9sobv

There were better reviews after that:

Short, decent review, gave it a B: http://www.madaboutmovies.org/ben-banks/

Another decent take: http://www.dixiesunnews.com/articles/2012/12/04/ben-banks/

And one more: http://www.suindependent.com/article/Movies/4043/

We’re also up on Rotten Tomatoes- http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/ben_banks_2012/

We did 2 Q&A sessions, one in Salt Lake and one in St. George - they were both large crowds and the reaction was very positive. It felt great! Amazing feedback - it’s clear that this movie is something that people either buy into or they don’t. But if they buy in, if they’ll give us a chance, we take them somewhere that really pays off.

There were some challenging elements: Ben playing himself, the genre mash, the subtle religious subtext, I knew it was a risky endeavor and I’m proud of what we did and excited for a larger audience to be able to view it via home video coming in 2013.

Wedid well enough in St. George that they are holding the movie over and will keep showing it as long as people keep going. 

We are looking into bringing the movie to other areas.

It’s been a LONG road but the movie is finally out to the world! 

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality. It’s been a great ride…

Now on to the next one!

-Bryce Clark (writer-director)

It’s actually happening…

Tickets are now on sale at http://www.megaplextheatres.com for 3 theaters:

District 20 (South Jordan)

Red Cliffs (St. George)

Fiddler (Cedar City)


Official domestic One Sheet.

Official domestic One Sheet.

Ben Banks - U.S. Theatrical Release

Well, it’s been quite an adventure, longer than anyone could have anticipated, but we are finally getting a small theatrical release for Ben Banks. It’s all in MEGAPLEX theaters in Utah - we’ll see how it does, but at least the folks in St. George will get to see it in a theater.

After that, we’ll do the whole VOD, iTunes, RedBox etc. thing…

Here is where it will be playing starting DECEMBER 7th, 2012:





Ben Banks Release

OK - so the movie is coming out overseas under the title BEAUTY and the LEAST - we are now planning our US release - we are in negotiations to have the movie be in a few theaters in Utah between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Stay tuned…

Additionally we are in negotiations to soon thereafter release it on the various home video formats, Red Box, DVD, iTunes, etc. - more info to come…

Lastly, we see that the movie has made it way into the world of illegal downloads. If this somehow indicates that there is an interest in the movie, without encouraging anyone to break any laws, I take the Stephen King view of this kind of stuff (he liked it when people GAVE copies of their already read books to friends).

Hope to have updates within days not weeks…

-Bryce Clark


There is a lot about the movie business that we are learning as we go through this process. We signed with an international sales agent and watching them sell the movie to overseas markets is eye opening.

They use different titles to attract different buyers from various territories… THE MISADVENTURES OF BEN BANKS and BEAUTY AND THE LEAST - it’s weird to watch. I mean I’m expecting to see the movie called SMOKING HIGH MAN FINDS LOVE…

No I’m kidding!

We’ve had to let go a little bit as first time filmmakers - but not one frame of the movie has been touched. It is the movie I made. It’s the movie I wanted to make. It’s just being packaged and sold in a way that is in line with what attracts foreign buyers. And I get that. Usually this happens after a movie’s North American presence has been established, but we’re doing it in reverse (as I guess more and more indie movies are doing)  

It is cool to see the movie getting out there…


When the movie is released in North America it will be BEN BANKS!


We have learned a lot about distribution and the Independent film business. With many changes in how movies are being distributed, we’ve had to play catch up after finishing the movie at the end of July.

Even from the time we finished the shoot, the independent film industry has changed - in some way quite dramatically. Whereas there used to be a model of finishing the movie, getting into a festival, and getting a theatrical release, the reality is that the # of screens open to low budget independents has been shrinking… 

BUT alternative models have emerged from online streaming to VOD (Video of Demand), iTunes, Netfilx, RedBox, Hulu, etc. and we have many options and we are trying to figure out what makes the most sense from a financial standpoint.  


When we finished shooting at the end of August last year, we had planned to finish the movie by the end of 2010 - well… lack of funds and also getting tons of feedback, extended that by about 7 months… in the film business, this is totally normal and par for the course, but we, and people who worked on the movie, had expected the movie to be finished sooner. The reality is that we got to use many really talented people who worked for well below their normal pay - this meant that we had to spend more time finding ways to make schedules work. Also, we got some great feedback from a big time editor in January that led us to recut the movie.

We are now done and as we’ve explored the various options we have, some people have understandably wondered what’s going on with the movie - we are exploring our options and we will announce distribution when we figure it out - but no matter what Ben Banks will be available to watch soon!!